Creative communications
for digital and traditional media.

We’re a team with a passion for hammering out creative solutions that meet complex and comprehensive integrated marketing requirements. With a lean and mean backbone, we’ve worked for both the biggest brands and the smallest innovators, providing brilliant strategies, sizzling creativity, pinpoint timing, and cost-efficiency. Companies big and small retain us to plan, produce, deploy and measure comprehensive marketing creative strategies that get measurable results.

Creative BrainiacsCompany-Illustration-6

Industry research, deep analytics, and quantitative information form the foundation for your marketing initiatives. Strategies are laid out in detail. Our team of brainiacs pump out fresh, innovative ideas, then our media department targets just the right audiences. Detailed analytics show your marketing dollars stretch further than ever before.

From branding strategies to interactive website design, from colorful sales collateral materials to wide-reaching advertising campaigns, we’re the creative communications firm that knows how to make it all work together for you.

More creative. Less cost.

For over 25 years, we’ve perfected creating “More.” More prospects, more leads, more sales, and ultimately, more profits—but through less of your budget. Our clients keep coming back for one reason, we’re more creative and consistently exceed expectations.






Responsive design

for all devices.

We deliver compelling customer experiences across multiple devices —without sacrificing brand consistency.

In responsive design, we create one well-planned site to deliver an optimized experience in context to each device or screen size.

Let us show you how we can deploy a responsive design strategy, and develop a single site for cross-device web experiences, and improved SEO. We can simplify your mobile strategy, and content delivery while decreasing costs.Image-Websites-Responsive-Design-1






Strategy differentiation,

and brand design

Branding is all about integrating strategy with design. We integrate design early in the creative process, designs that drive differentiation and innovation in an often crowded marketplace.

Great brands create an emotional relationship with people. People have emotional relationships with brands they trust.  We take the values and assets of a company, and transform them in special ways that connect with people emotionally.

We take the time to understand your company’s history, values, and customers.  The result–a simple, well-thought-through, authentic brand design that has differentiation, and connects emotionally with your audience.




Publication design, printing, and digital services.

Although much emphasis is placed on digital, social, and mobile media marketing, printed collateral materials remain an integrated part of the marketing communications strategy. More than ever before, we continue to create and deploy powerful, compelling collateral materials, including sales brochures, direct mail, catalogs, packaging, exhibits, and more.

Your corporate branding strategy is leveraged across all printed collateral materials and they can be just as effective and cutting-edge as their digital media counterparts.  Considering your target audience’s needs, habits, and behavior, we design, produce, and print quality collateral materials that are an integral part of any sales force.




While on-line digital media advertising has its obvious benefits, traditional advertising still has a big impact with targeted B2B audiences, and broad retail consumers.

To cover all of your bases, you want to have an advertising strategy that combines a highly creative message deployed throughout a digital and traditional media plan.

The Anthony Group offers a wide range of media alternatives including on-line Digital and Traditional advertising.